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Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils
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The purpose of the film is to educate the general public that essential oils are not “snake oils”. Essential oils have had a significant place in history for centuries and are experiencing a resurgence. The goal of the film is to present a factual representation of essential oils in order to empower it’s viewers to make an informed decision about their potential benefits.
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Discover how different cultures over thousands of years used essential oils in their everyday life. You'll find out how the ancient Egyptians would extract oils from flowers and plants. Learn about how Kings and Queens throughout history used essential oils to keep themselves healthy and strong.  

Renowned author Dr. David Stewart, author of Healing Oils of the Bible, discusses how essential oils were used throughout Biblical times. From the birth of Christ with Frankincense and Myrrh to the holy anointing oil specifically given to Moses by God himself.  

As essential oils become more popular in today's culture, you'll learn how to practically use some of the essential oils in fitness, to address emotional issues and even how essential oils effect your brain waves. Dr. Olivier Wenker discusses how you can use essential oils to improve your overall health.  
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